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Brian James Twiddy

Nantwich Cheshire. UK

I am an actor and voice artist, living in the charming Cheshire town of Nantwich, near the Welsh Borders.

I have been an actor for more years than I care to remember, working in TV and film, and for the latter part, running a theatre company.

I have my own studio, where I am currently producing audiobooks and state of the art sound equipment enabling me to record voice, foleys, etc in studio and outdoors. I have  a good broadband connection here and am therefore able to send audio files through WeTransfer sometimes within minutes of booking the work. 

Recent work

2019    Audiobook,   Sepulchre: Shadow of the Siren  by Lee Kenneth Prior 

2020    Audiobook,  Archer of the Heathland, Windemere. Book V of the series  by James W Elliot

2020   Audiobook,   Archer of the Heathland, Renegade Book VI of the series by James W Elliot

2021 Audiobook      Archer of the Heathland,  Rook.  Book VII of the series by James W. Elliot

2021 The Anatomy of Sherlock Holmes, by Don Henwood

2022  Smile   by  Colin J Galtrey

 2022  Clifton Falls pt2  by Lee Andrew Taylor

2023  The Mapmaker's Shadow by Rodney J Heikell

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